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Lindsey Remolif Shere was born in Chicago, Illinois, June 7, 1935, but soon moved with her parents to the suburb of Munster, Indiana.

In 1947 the family relocated once again, this time to a sizable ranch in Sonoma County, California, where she spent the next ten years among milk cows, apple and prune orchards, hayfields, and four younger sisters.

She graduated from Healdsburg High School, Santa Rosa Junior College, and the University of California at Berkeley, where she majored in a group major in French language, literature, and political history.

In 1971 she joined Alice Waters to open the restaurant Chez Panisse, where she continued as Pastry Chef until her retirement in 1998.

Largely self-taught as a cook, she began focussing on baking and desserts as a teenager, delighted by the fresh dairy and orchard products available on the family farm. Her interest in the French language and in European culture led to further investigations into cuisine. She has traveled extensively throughout western Europe, especially in France and northern Italy: her motherís family was Alsatian; her father was born in the Italian Alps.

Widely read, she counts among her major influences James Beard, Ada Boni, Robert Courtine, Curnonsky, Elizabeth David, M.F.K. Fisher, Richard Olney, and Waverly Root, as well as the chefs associated with her at Chez Panisse, especially Alice Waters.

Her book Chez Panisse Desserts was first published in 1985 and is still in print. She was named Pastry Chef of the Year by the James Beard Foundation in 1993. Among the chefs who have worked for her in the Chez Panisse pastry kitchen have been bakers Diane Dexter, Gayle Ortiz, and Steve Sullivan; pastry chefs David Lebovitz and Mary Jo Thoresen; and chefs Deborah Madison and Mark Peel. She is an active member of The Baker's Dozen and a major contributor to the Dozen's forthcoming book.

Since her retirement she has returned with her husband to a rural life in Sonoma county, dividing her time among gardening, grandchildren, reading, and travel.



Chez Panisse Desserts New York: Random House, 1985. Preface by Alice Waters. Illustrated by Wayne Thiebaud. 341 pages; index. ISBN 0-394-53860-9.

Second edition (first paperback edition), 1994. ISBN 0-679-75571-3.
Available in the second edition in good bookstores anywhere.

Still available, a limited number of copies of the first edition, with the Thiebaud wrapper.
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