Charles Shere: Seven Bagatelles
solo piano
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score: three pages, available from Frog Peak Music
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These short pieces for solo piano were composed December 5, 1996, in the galleries of Site Santa Fe, while looking at a number of portraits by Patrick McFarlin.  They were first performed two days later by Eliane Lust, as encores to a performance she gave, in the gallery, of my Sonata: Bachelor Machine.

Each bagatelle is a musical response to a specific portrait, but the listener need not (and in some cases had perhaps better not) know the precise identity of each subject. Here are two of them:

Pat's portraits were made in an expressionist style, very much live, at one sitting, and I think of these bagatelles as musical portraits of his paintings. They are dedicated to Eliane Lust, the splendid pianist who premiered my Sonata: Bachelor Machine.

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