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Selected compositions

with links to scores and audiorecordings. Except as noted, recordings are synthesized. Printed scores are available from Frog Peak Music and/or Lulu.

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Solo voice with instruments

1972 Dates     blog post    Soprano, clarinet (bass cl, alto cl, Ebcl), vn (vla), perc (mar, vbr) printed score [FPM] (Gertrude Stein)
1973 Classify combs... audio Soprano (or tenor) and viola score pdf (Marcel Duchamp)
1973  Ground glass... audio Soprano and piano score pdf (Duchamp)
1975  Dirt and not copper   Tenor, bassoon, trombone (Stein)
1975  The White Hunter   Tenor, piano, bassoon and trombone (Stein)
1983  Three Songs from Tender Buttons: A Carafe     blog post   Soprano and violin score: pdf, printed [FPM] (Stein)
1983  Certain Phenomena of Sound   High soprano (b (or g#)-c’’’ (or e’’’)) and violin (Wallace Stevens)
1986  Bride Arias   Soprano, violin, piano; optional snare drum, contrabass printed score [FPM] (Duchamp)
1989  Three Songs from Tender Buttons: Suppose an Eyes     blog post   Soprano, violin, piano score: pdf, printed [FPM] (Stein)
1989  Three Songs from Tender Buttons: Rhubarb     blog post audio Soprano, violin, piano score: pdf, printed [FPM] (Stein)
1997  Three More Stein Songs: Red Roses     blog post audio Soprano, bass clarinet, piano printed score [FPM] (Stein)
1997  Three More Stein Songs: It Was Black, Black Took     blog post audio Soprano, violin, bass clarinet, piano printed score [FPM] (Stein)
1997  Three More Stein Songs: You Can Only Say What You Know     blog post     ( see also Tongues, for orchestra)   Soprano, violin, bass clarinet, piano printed score [FPM] (Stein)
2003 Two Rakosi Songs: Cenozoic Time; Riddle     blog posts 1  2   Voice, violin, drum printed score [FPM] (Carl Rakosi)
2009 Four Harrison Songs     blog post   Tenor or soprano, accordion score: pdf, printed [FPM] (Lou Harrison)


1985 Requiem with Oboe Eight voices (SSAATTBB) (or double chorus) and solo oboe (Stevens, and the ordinary)


Solo piano

1964 Three Pieces for Piano     blog post   score: pdf, printed [FPM]
1965 For Piano November 1965     blog post audio score: pdf, printed [FPM]
1975 Five Pieces after Handler of Gravity audio score: pdf, printed [FPM]
1989 Sonata: Bachelor Machine audio score: pdf, printed [FPM], printed [Lulu]
1996 Seven Bagatelles   score: pdf, printed [FPM]
2004 Lullaby and Finale     blog post audio score pdf
2006 Sonata 2: compositio ut explicato (Composition as Explanation)     blog post audio score: pdf, pdf with text, printed [FPM], printed or ebook [Lulu]



1964 [1965?] Two pieces for celli audio For two cellos  
1965 Ces désirs du quatuor     blog post audio (m4a) For any four musicians
1969 Screen     blog posts  1  2 audio
audio 2 (with variations)
For four to six strings score pdf
1970 Bachelor Apparatus   For pairs of winds
1971 En Balançant  blog post audio For 2 or 3 pairs of strings score pdf
1971 Vie Lactée [sic blog post audio For 4-6 strings score pdf
1971 Handler of Gravity    For organ with optional chimes and glockenspiel score pdf
1972 Parergon to Wind Quintet: Flute   For unaccompanied flute
1974 Tender of Gravity   For fl-pic, o-eh, cl-bass cl, bn, harmonium, vn, vla, vc, vb printed score [FPM]
1974 Parergon to woodwind quintet: trio   English horn, bass clarinet, bassoon
1974 Classify combs...   violin and viola (2d version, without voice)
1974 Ground Glass...   flute, violin, cello, piano (2nd version, without voice)
1981 Rose video  (performed by Tom Rose, August 2020) For clarinet (in A), unaccompanied
1996 Trio for Violin, Piano, and Percussion audio
recording (Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio, Other Minds Records): audio excerpt (YouTube)
Violin, piano, percussion printed score [FPM]
1996 David Sheinfeld at Ninety   Unaccompanied violin score pdf
2015 Carel audio (m4a) For 4 oboes score pdf


1964 Small Concerto for piano and orchestra     blog post audio movement 1
audio movement 2
audio movement 3
2(alto fl)-2(eh)-2(bass cl)-2/4(2 Wagner tubas optional)-2-2-1/harmonium/strings; solo piano score: pdf, printed or ebook [Lulu]
1967  Nightmusic     blog post audio
commercial LP: 1750 Arch Records S-1792 (1982; Oakland Symphony Youth Orchestra/Kent Nagano)
2-0-2-0/2-0-0-2 (Wagner tubas)/guitar, harp, piano, celesta, 2perc/0-7-6-6-, with solo violin, English horn and bass tuba  
1968 From Calls and Singing     blog post   2-1-2-2/2-2-0-0/timp/strings score: pdf, printed [FPM]
1976 Music for Orchestra (Symphony)   pic-2-2-2/4-2-3-1/2perc-timp-harp-(mandolin) strings
1978 Ballet: Handler of Gravity     blog post   3-2(eh)-2-2(cbn)/4-2-3-1/pno/hrp/1perc/timp/strings printed score [FPM]
1978 Tongues   For poet (speaking in tongues) and chamber orchestra: pic-fl, ob-eh, cl-bass cl, bn, horn(-Wagner tuba), trumpet, trombone, pno, harp, 1 perc, live electronics, vn, vla, vc, cb, prerecorded tape
1985 (rev. 1989) Concerto for Violin with Harp, Percussion, and Small Orchestra audio solo violin; 2-2-2-2/2-2-2 (tuba opt.)/harp, piano, 2 perc, timp/strings score: pdf, printed [FPM]
printed [Lulu]
1988 Symphony in Three Movements   blog post audio movement 1
audio movement 2
audio movement 3
3(p)-3(eh)-eh-2(bcl)-bcl-3(cbn)/4-3-4-(tba opt)/h/pno/timp/3/12-12-8-8-6 score: score pdf, printed [FPM]


1980           The Box of 1914
Chamber opera in one act. Libretto by Marcel Duchamp. Soprano (b-bflat’’), tenor (c (or Bb) -b flat’), dancer, narrator; 1(p)-1(eh)-1(alto cl) -1/1-1-1-0/2perc, hrp, pno/vn-vla-vc-cb/taped sounds
1984 The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even
Opera in three acts. Libretto by Marcel Duchamp. For dramatic soprano, lyric soprano, mezzo-soprano, heldentenor, lyric tenor, and baritone soloists, chorus, and orchestra: 2-2-2-2; 4-2-3-1; 2 percussion, harp, piano; strings (minimum 8-6-5-5-2)
Bride arias printed score [FPM]    
photographs     blog post     interview (CS on the opera)
1987 Ladies Voices
Chamber opera in five acts. Libretto by Gertrude Stein. For three sopranos, woodwind quintet and percussion (trap set, antique cymbal, tubular chime)
printed score [FPM]     blog post
1989 I Like It to Be a Play
Chamber opera in one act. Libretto by Gertrude Stein. For tenor, baritone, bass; string quartet
printed score [FPM]

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