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No one’s asked. Still, here’s how I make guacamole:

guacamole setup

I use a couple of avocados, a pretty good-sized shallot, an Habañera pepper, a couple of limes, a handful of cilantro, salt, and a splash of magic ingredient.

First I work on the pepper. I roast it on a stove burner, holding it with a pair of tongs, until the skin is charred — it only takes a few seconds. Then, holding it under running cold water, I scrape the skin off with a paring knife, cut the stem end off, cut it in half lengthwise, and remove the core and seeds — all this still under running water.

chopping the stuff

Then I halve the avocados and scoop their flesh into a bowl. I halve a couple of limes and juice them into the avocados; then set that aside and work on the other things.

The shallot gets sliced thin, and so does the pepper, lengthwise. I pull the leaves off the cilantro stems and dry them. Then I put all those things on the chopping block along with one of the juiced-out lime halves and a good teaspoonful of salt, and chop everything pretty fine.

That goes into the avocado bowl and everything gets smashed up with a fork. I pour in a little of the tequila and then, why not, make a couple of hip-pocket margaritas with twice as much tequila as Triple Sec and the juice of enough more limes to make it work.

finished product

Shoot. I forgot to rub a cut lime on the edge of the wine-glass and then dip the glass into salt.

Oh well. Taste the guacamole for salt and that’s all there is to it, other than please pronouncing it right,

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